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It was a Wednesday night in the summer of 1996. I was sitting on a bar stool in the living room of my house during a small youth group meeting. There was swimming, food and a little awkward acapella youth group worship (you know the kind where only one person is in the right key and most of us are singing really low so no one can hear). Little did I know that my life would change forever that night. That was the night that God put Destiny on my heart. At the time I had no idea where to go with that or what it would look like but that was the start. 

    Along the way we had summers where we did one camp with 30 kids to now hosting over 1000 kids per summer and reaching more than 10,000 globally per year with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is truly an honor to be a part of something like Destiny and it has been a blessing for my family over the years. To say that I have learned a lot would be an understatement and to say that I have learned many lessons the hard way would be entirely accurate! During the process I have learned how to communicate the Gospel in spite of language barriers, how to lean on the expertise of others, and how to humbly fall on my face in prayer for the things to come. I spend most of my time overwhelmed by the task and, even more so, by God’s grace and the generosity of His people.


    I want to take a minute and thank you for reading this letter. In receiving this letter you fall into the category of one that I trust and care for deeply. And if this is one of many letters like this that you receive, I am sure you also fall into the category of one that gives selflessly. Let me assure you that I treat both of those things with the upmost respect and so thank you for your willingness to listen.


    In 2008, myself and a group of four dedicated men committed to take Destiny to the next level and become a 501c3 not for profit organization. At that time the vision was clear that Destiny could be a vehicle for the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. That group of four men set me a salary to lead Destiny and commissioned me to charge into the world of fundraising, camp running, and mission trip planning! Since that time I have be the chief planning and fundraising officer of Destiny. And while my salary was set in 2008, it wasn’t until 2015 that I began a fulltime position with the ministry. Since 2015 my salary has stayed the same yet the budget of our ministry has tripled! That increase has caused me to rethink and reimagine all facets of our fundraising including that of my salary. 

    Through a year of examining the non-profit landscape and diving into different fundraising strategies I have decided to take a step in a different direction. While my salary will remain the same as was set by the board in 2008, starting today, I am beginning to raise that support on a personal level. So, while all gifts will still be a tax deductible gift given directly to Destiny, it will be earmarked for my salary. 

    You are receiving this letter as a personal invitation to join my family’s support network. I greatly value your friendships, prayers and your consideration of support. It is truly an honor to lead this ministry and see God doing new and exciting things each and everyday.


I want to thank you for your consideration in supporting the Highley family as we continue to humbly carry the mantle of Destiny into the future. 


If you would like to give there are several levels and avenues to do so. 


Monthly Giving Levels


Hitting Singles ($25 a month)

You consistently make things happen. You are a team player! Thank you!!!

Trading Places- Hitting Doubles ($50 a month)

You are hitting with power and scoring runs- Thank you for making a difference!

Triple Threat- Speed, Power, Smarts!!! ($100 a month)

You got it all and clearing the bases! When is the last time I told you that you're amazing?

Homerun Hitter ($250 a month)

You take matters into your own hands- Touching them all! We are all waiting at home with fist bumps for you my friend.

Grand Slam- You are a Star! ($500 a month)

Rare but amazing. You come through when it matters most! We can reach new heights because of your shinning star!

Hall of Famer ($1000 a month)

Where's your cape? You're a philanthropic superhero. You have reached the highest level of them all and we are all better because of you!


You can give HERE.


You can also give a one time or quarterly gift on the website or by check.



Thank you again for your time and I am truly honored to consider you a friend and supporter of our ministry.


The Highleys

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