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Why Choose Destiny?

The Goal:

To build an environment where development happens at a rapid pace because of our focus on the entire athlete and the family. 


How to Accomplish the Goal:

We are not foolish and we know that it is no small task that we are undertaking with Team Destiny. There are some direct steps that we will take in attempting to accomplish our goal.


First- Evaluate talent and current potential through qualified, objective evaluators. Our tryout process will be conducted by coaches both involved in Team Destiny and experienced coaches from outside the organization. By using this combined evaluation process we hope to provide a tryout out that is efficient, unbiased, and well-rounded. We believe that the process itself will not only allow us to build our teams well but will also be of athletic benefit to those that do not make the team.


Second- Hire great coaches. At the heart of our program is a belief that athletes of any age develop best when pushed by coaches that have played the game and coached the game at a high level. When that experience mixes with correct focus, you get athletic training that is superior to anything else you could find.


Third- Be committed to long-term success. We think there is a different way of doing things where we can train our players to be athletes. That means that the way we practice, the way we teach, and the way we approach our players physical health will all be aimed at creating a better athlete. The other part of creating a better athlete is by limiting participation times to allow our players to experience other sports. We will encourage our players to engage in other sports and activities during their offseason. 


Forth- Build a correct focus. One of our biggest fears in the youth sports world today is that we are losing what it means to be on a team. Unfortunately, the focus has shifted off of community and onto individual success. While individual improvement is important, Team Destiny is built on the belief that true development happens in the context of team. What does that mean? It means that we will teach our players that team success takes personal sacrifice on the part of the players, the coaches, and the parents. It also means that we will create a community within our families that has a correct focus: God, family, team, me. We will accomplish this by focusing on the spiritual development of our players and the nurturing of spiritual growth in our families. By limiting Sunday morning activities we will allow families to stay active in local church. By providing small group devotionals with our families we will encourage spiritual growth. And by having clear guidelines for families we will encourage commitment to the Team Destiny Community.


As you can see Team Destiny is a different way of looking at youth sports. As we grow, we hope that you can come and grow with us and our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our program.

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