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Destiny Mission Trips

Domestic- Did you know that Sports is one of the biggest mission fields in America? Millions of adolescents come together under the common barrier of athletics. What better area to reach them with then the one that they are most passionate about?



International- There are two common languages that extend to the far reaches of the world- LOVE and SPORTS. At Destiny we incorporate both by using the common language of sports to tell them about the uncommon love of our Heavenly Father. Going on an international mission trip with Destiny means that you will not only get to experience the world, but also get to use the sport you love to lead others to Christ! On one of our trips you will: sight-see, teach camps, practice, play exhibitions and/or tournaments, give your testimony, love on people, build friends, bless local churches, and much, much more. It is an exciting experience that you do not want to miss!



Costa Rica

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